Characteristics of Supersol

Soil Restoration

Environmentally friendly and perfect for recycling from earth to earth. In terms of renovation construction, Supersol is the same as surplus soil treatment.

Water Permeability and Retention

Excellent drainage even when compacted. It is excellent at water permeability and retention as well as breathability, facilitating the growth of vegetation.


Because Supersol is made from glass, it is an inorganic material, which in turn make it fire-resistant. It also has a feature that is resistant to chemicals.

Application Capacity

Supersol has numberous application possibilities in the construction field. It may be used in any construction condition, no matter how distorted the terrain is or whether an underground pipe exists. Due to its lightweight, Supersol is easily handled and makes execution possible even under rainy conditions.

* Very light(3~4kN/m3)
* It is easily handled as embankment material and the construction process can be executed under normal procedures.
* No neccesity for a culture period
* It is made of recycled glass bottles and does not elute hazardous substances, safe for the surrounding environment.
* It is an inorganic mineral, thus chemically stable and no corrosion.

Lightweight (Controllable Specific Gravity)

Specific gravity of super sol can be controllable according to the use.
Changing the additive mixture and baking condition, various products with different quality can be made.

Standard Specific Gravity in Absolutely Dry Condition Absorption Rate Characteristic Cell Structure Use
L1 0.3~0.6 30% and above Open-cell-foam-type. Super lightweight material with high water retention.
Greening: Drainage material ・Artificial lightweight soil ・Soil improvement material
Horticulture: Improvement material for soil ・Pot bottom stone
Agriculture: Soil improved material ・Culvert drainage material
L2 0.4~0.5 30% and below Closed-cell-foam-type. Super lightweight material with strength.
Civil engineering: Llightweight embankment material ・Retaining wall backfill ・Lightweight mixed soil ・Abutment rear embankment material ・Material for modifying freeway level
Livestock: Water quality purification material
L3 0.5~1.0 10% and below Almost closed pore-type. Lightweight material.
Horticulture: hydroculture material
Pet: cat litter
L4 1.0~1.6 5% and below Closed-cell-foam-type. Material that nearly sinks in water.
Civil engineering: backfill material for the rear of earthquake-resistant wharf ・Less than HW level lightweight embankment material
Livestock: Water quality purification material ・Farming pond filter material

Components Table





Silicon Dioxide



Calcium Oxide



Sodium Oxide



Aluminium Oxide



Potassium Oxide



Magnesium Oxide


Characteristic of Supersol as a Lightweight Embankment Material

Individual Supersol

Specific Gravity (Dry state)


Particle Diameter Range


Moisture Content


Uniaxial Compressive Strength


Harmful Substance


When Compacted



Triaxial Compressive Strength

φ=30°and above

CBR Value


Coefficient of Water Permeability


Design Constant

Dry Density (t/m3)


Design Constant
Number of Compaction for a 30cm Leveling Thickness (time/layer)
Wet Density (t/m3) Adhesive Force (kN/m2) Angle of Internal Friction (degree) Allowable Bearing Capacity (kN/m2) 10-Ton Class Wetland Bulldozer 1-Ton Class Vibratory Roller
0.25 0.4 0 25 39 0 0
0.3 0.45 30 98 2 4
0.35 0.055 137 4 8
0.4 0.6 176 8 -

Information:Civil engineering materials technology and technology assessment and certification report

Type of Lightweight Embankments

Lightweight Embanment Material
Wet Density (t/m3)
Methods that use lightweight materials Artificial Materials EPS 0.01~0.03 Ultra-lightweight, self-standing
Urethane Foam 0.03 Grade Ultra-lightweight, fluidity
Natural Materials Water Granulation Slag 1.2~1.35 Ironworks by-product
Coal Ash 1.1~1.5 Thermal power plant by-product
Supersol 0.4~0.6 Manufactured from waste glass bottles
Volcanic Ash Soil 1.2~1.4 Inexpensive
Method from weight reduction of soil Foamed Mixture Lightweight Soil Method FCB (Foamed Cement Banking) 0.5~1.2 Fluidity, Adjustable density Adjustable
Foamed Beads Mixed Lightweight Soil SLS (Stabilized Light Soil) 0.9~1.3 Adjustable density, characteristic close to soil