Events & Conferences: June 6-9, 2016

Exhibits: June 7-9, 2016

Las Vegas Convention Center

Glass to Supersol recycling, a new revolutionary technology from Japan, is the favorable method for recycling because it surpasses the former glass to glass recycling.

So what exactly is Supersol?

Supersol is a porous, rock-like material manufactured from waste glass without any of its resemblance. This material is lightweight yet rigid and is highly adaptable to its various intended uses. Supersol is eco-friendly because its contents are similar to natural soil; and because of its inorganic property, these rocks do not ignite nor attract pests.

How is Supersol used?

This “miracle rock” has proved significant in the following applications: civil engineering, agriculture, aqua-farming, landscaping, home gardening, rain water preservation & filtering, insulation, pest control and even security.

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